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Elegant front yard with accent lights highlighting ornamental trees.

Wilmington’s Premier Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Illumination of the Carolinas, founded in 2005 by George Hartner and his wife, Jane Cockrell, is a beacon of creativity in artistic outdoor lighting. Specializing in commercial projects and residential estates, Outdoor Illumination’s designs have graced many spaces, ranging from the enchanting landscapes of Airlie Gardens to the sleek modernity of Audi Cape Fear. Other well-known projects include Eagle Point Golf Course, Hotel Ballast, Kenan Chapel in Landfall, and countless others. At the heart of Outdoor Illumination’s work lies a profound passion for lighting. It transcends mere illumination; it’s an art form, an opportunity to infuse spaces with ambiance and allure. “I see it as an art much more than a science,” Hartner remarks. “I love to be at the projects the first time we turn on the lights. There is magic in that moment.” At Outdoor Illumination of the Carolinas, we don’t just illuminate spaces; we illuminate experiences. With artistic vision and dedication to excellence, every project is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled. Join us in bringing light, beauty, and magic to the outdoors.

“Reality is to be found
in lightness and darkness.”
~ Pablo Picasso

“Why is it called ‘after dark’
when it really is ‘after light’?”
~ George Carlin

“It is better to light a candle
than curse the darkness.”